Hobbies for College Students

Looking for a hobby to keep you occupied this semester as a college student? I’ve got you covered, so don’t worry.

I recently graduated from college, and over my four years there, I developed a good number of hobbies. Having hobbies is a terrific way to unwind and have fun because school can be demanding and long.

What Hobbies Are Popular Among College Students?

Sports, hiking, and gaming are a few enjoyable pastimes for college students. Social media, item flipping, and financial education are pastimes that can provide income. Drawing, painting, and taking up an instrument are some other calming pastimes. There are countless hobbies one can try out while in college.

Hobbies for College Students


Fitness is an excellent interest to take up while in college. There will be a gym on campus that will either be free or very reasonably priced.

Getting in the habit of exercising out once or twice a week is a smart idea. It will not only keep you occupied, but it will also improve your appearance.

Going with a friend is a smart approach to get started. The gym can be scary at first. Exercise will be more enjoyable and you’ll feel more at ease if you do it with a friend.


Nowadays, you can take photos if you have an iPhone or a phone with a good camera. A fantastic way to stay occupied and even earn some money is through photography.

Purchasing a used camera is a cost-effective method to get started in photography. You can find cameras on Facebook Marketplace for incredibly cheap costs.

Getting started by taking photos around campus is a fantastic idea. Once you get better, you can start working at events like school celebrations and individual picture shoots.

Starting off as a hobby and developing into a successful side gig is photography.


Playing sports is a fantastic interest for college students. You can play football, soccer, and frisbee on a grassy field. Play with your buddies once you’ve gathered a group.

Don’t be surprised if other students beg to join in if you’re playing on campus. A soccer match might become a regular weekly activity.

A fantastic way to keep active, meet new people, and have fun is through sports.


Poker is a tremendously entertaining pastime with a steep learning curve. You only need a poker set and a deck of cards to get started, so it’s very simple.

Every Thursday during my time in college, we would play poker. The opportunity to hang out with the guys and have fun was fantastic.

Poker is a fairly simple game to play, and with practise, you may improve greatly.


Painting is an excellent activity to try if you’re more creative. Starting is really simple and economical. Grab some inexpensive paints and a canvas, and get painting.

If you want to get better, you can enrol in a course or pick up new skills online and on YouTube. Students who paint frequently find it to be a very soothing and unwinding activity.

You may even sell paintings to other students for their dorm rooms once you have a style that others like.


Making money sounds more enjoyable than learning about finance. An excellent approach to prepare for the future and learn about investing is through finance.

There are numerous approaches to learn about and comprehend investing online. You can read on Reddit, view YouTube videos, and join Discord groups.

There is no better time to begin learning about money than now, if you have ever been interested in it.

Video Games

A excellent activity to take up is gaming because it appeals to all ages and interests. It’s a terrific way to spend the time whether you play competitively, with friends, or on your own.

Try playing competitively with your gaming pals if you have any of them. It’s a good approach to practise working as a team and it will strengthen the bonds amongst your friends.


Try YouTube if you want a pastime that could earn you money in the future. You can discuss anything you like on YouTube, including sports, beauty, fashion, and video games.

YouTube is a fantastic platform for sharing passions if you have any. Using iMovie, you can edit videos that you’ve recorded on your iPhone.

You will eventually develop an audience if you consistently produce videos and improve your material.

Social Media

Learning how to use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok is a terrific hobby for self-expression and can even lead to a side business. Since everyone uses social media, why not try to learn how to use it to grow your business?

There is a tonne of useful stuff online that explains how to expand an Instagram and TikTok page.

I was familiar with a few college students who operated meme and gaming accounts on Instagram and made money from them.

Baking & Cooking

Learning to cook is an excellent skill to have while in college. I never learned how much fun cooking can be since I always relied on my mother to make me food when I was younger.

Online resources that can teach you how to prepare and cook food are abundant. If you find fascinating recipes that you truly want to eat, cooking can be enjoyable.

The nicest part of baking and cooking is getting to enjoy the delectable recipes and perhaps even share them with others.


Students can use on-campus pools at the majority of colleges. Swimming is a fantastic exercise that can help you burn more calories and enhance your cardiovascular health.

Swimming is a fantastic activity to check out if you’re searching for an inexpensive and simple hobby!


I concur that reading can be dull. Years passed until I eventually discovered a book that I was interested in. Lesson learned: Reading may be enjoyable if you pick the correct book to read.

I started by reading business literature because I am really passionate about business. Reading helped me gain knowledge and increased my intelligence in addition to my studying.

You’ll have access to a library with a tonne of free books at your college. Try reading a book if you’re seeking for a new pastime.

Consider becoming an Audible member if you want to listen to audio books.

Learning an Instrument

Learning an instrument is a pastime that will keep you occupied but has a steep learning curve. You may learn to play a musical instrument from the comfort of your dorm room, whether it’s a violin, guitar, or piano.

Check out secondhand instruments on Facebook Marketplace if you’re just starting out in the hobby and looking to save money.

Learning a Language

Language study is a fantastic pastime that may be useful in the future. A highly valuable skill to have on your CV is the ability to speak many languages.

Although it takes time, learning a language is worthwhile. If you put the effort into learning a language, you’ll see improvements in yourself.

Learning a foreign language will be very helpful in the future if you travel. Knowing how to speak French made travelling in France a lot easier for me a few years ago, and it also made the experience significantly better.


Drawing may be a highly enjoyable activity if you have creative ability; all you need are some pencils and a notebook. College students can spend the time with a fantastic hobby that is incredibly affordable: drawing.

There is a tonne of information on YouTube that will offer you tips, methods, and techniques to advance your drawing abilities if you want to get into the art.

Magic Tricks

One of the best methods to amaze people is unquestionably with magic tricks. Learning magic tricks is an extremely expensive pastime with a steep learning curve.

You may start studying magic tricks by purchasing a deck of cards and watching tutorial videos on YouTube. One of my close friends from college knew some magic tricks, and it was really fantastic.

By doing performances at events and for kids with disabilities as well as at birthday parties, my friend was able to transform his pastime into a business.

Although studying magic tricks may seem strange, it can be a truly enjoyable activity that will astonish people.


Consider working as a freelance writer if you want to write. If you are quick, effective, and have good writing skills, you can earn money by assisting students with their homework or providing freelance writing services to websites.

I had a friend who was excellent at writing and would assist people with their English homework. She would charge a little fee for her assistance in outlining and editing other people’s work.

Consider writing as a pastime if you like it.


Consider taking up dancing as a hobby if you like it or want to improve your skills. It will be useful during college parties if you can dance well.

By watching YouTube videos, you can develop your dancing abilities. Numerous step-by-step lessons for various dance techniques are available online.

Bike Riding

Bike riding is a great enjoyable activity if you like being outside. If you don’t know how to ride a bike by the time you’re in college, it’s never too late to learn.

A terrific approach to explore and get exercise at the same time is to bike around campus or the city where you live.


The learning curve for the enjoyable activity of skateboarding is steep. Skateboarding is a rewarding and demanding activity that you should try.

Once you master the fundamentals, skateboarding is a lot of fun. Although learning tricks can be challenging at times, you will get better over time, and it’s rewarding when you master a new trick.

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