The college experience can be really challenging. Many students will be living away from home and with strangers for the first time during this period. Participating in groups and activities on campus may not only help you meet people and feel more connected, but it may also be enjoyable.



Some colleges provide a wide range of clubs, occasions, and other activities. You should go to the activity fair at your school to find out more about these opportunities. Additionally, you can find out about them from friends, acquaintances, message boards, social media, or the university intranet. The clubs and activities that many colleges and universities provide are listed here.


Do you like to participate in sports but don’t want to compete? Participating in intramural sports is a terrific way to stay active and have fun without having to put in the time and effort required for a team sport. Numerous schools provide a wide range of intramural activities, including flag football, softball, volleyball, soccer, and more.

Not keen about participating in a traditional intramural sport? You might discover teams for paintball, bass fishing, horseshoes, mediaeval fighting, and Muggle Quidditch, to mention a few, depending on your campus.


Being involved in student government is a terrific opportunity to feel empowered, meet and develop relationships with administrators, have an impact on campus life, and become involved. Participating in student government may also boost your self-assurance in articulating and defending your beliefs.

Visit the student government page at Iowa State to get a sense of some of the effective programmes that were implemented by the campus student government.


Off-campus and on-campus volunteer opportunities abound. Some examples include working at a nearby soup kitchen, nursing home, or hospital, tutoring, Children’s Miracle Network, or the Big Sisters or Big Brothers programme.

Visit the website or career centre of your institution to learn more about on-campus volunteer opportunities. A department dedicated to volunteering and community service may exist at your college. For instance, the University of California Davis’ Community Service Resource Center helps local groups by finding volunteers.


Being a member of a fraternity or sorority is a fantastic opportunity to meet people, become engaged on campus, and volunteer. Numerous fraternities and sororities support numerous charitable, volunteer, and fundraising activities. Participating in these occasions can be a beneficial method to give back and grow your network.

Look into alternative fraternal organisations at your campus, such as academic and professional groups and service clubs, if you’re not interested in joining a social fraternity or sorority.


Many institutions publish a campus newspaper that informs students about campus events and activities, as well as about local and national news. Consider participating in your school newspaper or literary magazine if you enjoy writing or are interested in editing, publishing, advertising, or business. You can also volunteer or become engaged at some institutions’ own radio, podcast, or television news stations.


Attending activities like sporting competitions, art exhibits, musical performances, and theatrical readings are other ways to get active on campus.


Working part-time, whether on or off campus, allows you to earn some money and participate in activities outside of the classroom. Many campus dining halls, your school’s library, as a tutor, or even a neighbourhood coffee shop, provide part-time employment alternatives.


If there isn’t a club at your school that interests you, think about forming one. Here are some instances of clubs founded by students on college campuses:

  • Club Squirrel Which university wouldn’t have a lot of squirrels running around? On several campuses, squirrel club is growing in popularity. For instance, the University of Michigan’s squirrel club members are selling t-shirts to raise money for the purchase of peanuts to feed the squirrels. Additionally, if you like being outside, this is the ideal chance to do so!
  • A cappella group: Do you like to sing? Why not think about joining the A Cappella club on campus? No good at singing? Like the students at Northwestern University, you might want to form a mediocre A capella group.

Find another club that more closely reflects your interests, skills, and passions if you join one and then discover that you aren’t particularly interested in it.

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